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Hailing from Indonesia, the Roadie Collection wheels their way into LH’s collection.  According to the designers, these pieces are inspired from the fine lines of Scandinavian minimalism through French and Italian culture and tradition to the natural understatements of Japanese aesthetics.

Roadie Collection (2)As you can see, the Roadie collection comes with a unique set of wheels on various pieces, maneuvering easily to any destination you choose in your home.

Roadie Collection (9)From bookcases to cabinets to beds, customers will find the Roadie set to carry enough to set up a definitive showcase in their home.  Not only does the style present itself in a positive manner, but so does the way the pieces are crafted.  The collection is entirely made of FSC certified reclaimed teak wood.  This helps deter the declining rate of forests and assists future generations in nourishing their planet.